Cultivating America And The American Identity

We often see two things present in American literature in the beginning: farming and religious quotes. We then see a shift from religious freedom to personal ones, but the importance of nature remained a significant part of the American identity. Even as I was growing up, my mom always taught me the lesson that if… Continue reading Cultivating America And The American Identity


Why Walt Whitman Is My Favorite Author

One of the most exciting things I love about Whitman was his use of poetry to define his existence as just another part of nature's creation. With all the amazing things he accomplished before the Civil War, he was also very private in never tooting his own horn. Gray writes, "Whitman identifies himself, in these… Continue reading Why Walt Whitman Is My Favorite Author


The State Of Literature Today

Have you ever compared dated writers to modern ones? I  decided to do just that by choosing a random recent story that I found in Narrative Magazine by Stacy Wakefield entitled "A Place Of Our Own."  The first thing I noticed about the story was her capture of common social and familial dysfunction. She speaks… Continue reading The State Of Literature Today