Literary Masterpieces Expectations

What exactly transcends a book into a literary masterpiece?  Some might say it is the historical value while others might argue the imagination in the story.  I say it is a little of both.  “History is what we make out of memory.  Fiction flees libraries and loves lies” (Ozick, 2006).  While some books shape history,… Continue reading Literary Masterpieces Expectations


Comparison of Belief Systems in Literature

Belief systems began forming in ancient civilizations as man began to question humanity’s existence and continued to evolve throughout each period.  Beliefs included both religious and philosophical ideas.  Belief systems, “…begin to turn into something more ethical, more philosophical, even more scientific; but there will be uninterrupted continuity between this and its savage beginnings” (Lewis,… Continue reading Comparison of Belief Systems in Literature


Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes

Modern day writers use monomyths to create superheroes.  Leeming cited Malinowski as saying, “myths justify and validate economic, political, social, and religious realities” (Powell, B., 2002).  Monomyths include three elements; a departure from his or her society, an initiation where the superhero gains a power to be used for good, and the return where he… Continue reading Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes