Working Class Heroes In Literature

I recently read Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye. What a masterpiece! I wanted to take the time to talk about themes that I feel made this book exceptional. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it. I also compare these themes to Thoreau's Walden, and the Duty of Civil Disobedience as he also critiques… Continue reading Working Class Heroes In Literature


The State Of Literature Today

Have you ever compared dated writers to modern ones? I  decided to do just that by choosing a random recent story that I found in Narrative Magazine by Stacy Wakefield entitled "A Place Of Our Own."  The first thing I noticed about the story was her capture of common social and familial dysfunction. She speaks… Continue reading The State Of Literature Today


My Views On Individualism, Influence, and Power

What I find the most interesting in literature is how writers captured society long ago and how modern, multi-cultural writers provide a new and fresh perspective on those same stories. There are always two sides to history, and it takes them both for writers like me to find a third perspective that reinvents those ideas… Continue reading My Views On Individualism, Influence, and Power


America’s Philosophy Of War And Societal Order

Why is war so momentous in America's history? According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, between 1776 and 1991, a total of 41,892,128 American soldiers died during U.S. wars (America’s Wars).  From the Revolutionary War all the way to intervention in Syria today, it is ingrained in the American identity that war is constitutionally… Continue reading America’s Philosophy Of War And Societal Order


Setting and Mood: A Rose for Emily

Authors often use a setting to define a mood which helps to interpret a theme. Charters writes, “The author’s choice of setting, the place and time in which the action occurs, helps to give the story verisimilitude” (2). Faulkner begins the first scene in the home that sets the mood as mysterious by using language… Continue reading Setting and Mood: A Rose for Emily


Religions, Explorations, and the Pirate Plunder on Isla Mujeres

Today, Isla Mujeres has a reputation as a tropical playground for wealthy clientele who hide away in the five-star resorts lined uniformly along the white-sanded beaches overlooking the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. The sultry smell of Mexican spices gently drifts in the Caribbean breeze as delighted patrons enjoy street vendor tacos, barbacoa, and… Continue reading Religions, Explorations, and the Pirate Plunder on Isla Mujeres


Comparison of the Modern Romantic Age

As the world shifted from the individual to the Romantic Heart period, mankind became aware of emotional characteristics; especially that of the heart.  Humanity embraced romance while romanticists memorialized it.  Analyzing the works of Jonathan Swift, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, and Leo Tolstoy will help readers envision how romanticists influenced not only the modern era but… Continue reading Comparison of the Modern Romantic Age


Literary Masterpieces Expectations

What exactly transcends a book into a literary masterpiece?  Some might say it is the historical value while others might argue the imagination in the story.  I say it is a little of both.  “History is what we make out of memory.  Fiction flees libraries and loves lies” (Ozick, 2006).  While some books shape history,… Continue reading Literary Masterpieces Expectations