Home Decor

Handyman Remodeling

A handyman is a perfect person to call when you have a list of things to do around the house but do not want to call a plumber, electrician, or a painter to do them all. Regardless of needing a handyman or a general contractor, your local remodeling company has you covered. Trusted handymen are experts in both small repair or large-scale home and commercial improvement needs. A handyman is a perfect person for the job.

Clean and Maintain Gutters: A handyman is a perfect person to call for this task as it requires someone to climb on the roof which can be dangerous for homeowners. A handyman can also install guards for your gutter to prevent them from clogging in theplumber-228010_1280.jpg future.

Minor Plumbing: If you need a fixture replaced or repair of a leaky faucet, a handyman is an excellent choice because it is a cheaper option than hiring a plumber. If you have a bigger job, our licensed plumbers are on hand to take over if needed.

Garage Organization and Storage: The garage can be a catch-all for things the family no longer uses. A handyman can add shelving and cabinets to help reorganize and also adding hooks for bikes or heavy equipment to keep them up and out of the way until you need them. You might even decide to add a protective coating to the garage floor while there to protect against stains or blemishes.

Weather Stripping: Keeping in cold air during the summer or warm air in during the winter by adding weather stripping is a great way to weatherize your home. It is not only cost-efficient, but it helps in conserving energy.

tool-belt-739152_1280.jpgCaulking: If you are concerned about energy conservation or want to lower your energy costs, caulking the windows and doors is a beneficial way to improve usage and lower utility bills.

Home Exterior Repair and Replacement: Often, the weather or a time lapse can loosen boards, siding or shingles which requires a handyman repair. Repairing boards or adding a protectant sealant can extend the life of a porch, wall, or roof.

New Paint or Touch-ups: Homeowners typically paint every three to seven years by caulking, priming, and then painting both the walls and trim which can be costly and time-consuming. An ideal way to keep walls looking new is to do touch-ups now and paint-2247394_1280.jpgthen. You might also want to repair damaged surfaces by adding speckle or fixing holes which does not take a general contractor to do.

Light Fixture Installation: If you merely want to replace a light fixture, a handyman is an ideal choice because the electric lines are already in place.

While you have a handyman out, ask about performing a maintenance check for attic insulation, ventilation, structural integrity, or mold and cracks as it is an excellent idea for upkeep while also giving yourself peace of mind.




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