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Planning a Bathroom Remodel Project

For many families, a second bathroom is a necessity as the average family member spends around one hour and forty-five minutes a week in this room. Whether you need a newly built area or a DIY refreshed one with a new vanity, backsplash, or sink, a bathroom project is no small task. Remodeling your bathroom can modify a traditional design into a modern concept with just a few alterations.

If you are not so keen on DIY projects, you may want advice from an expert who knows how best to utilize the space and logistics.

sdb-1881206_1920Although having the proper measurements is essential for this type of project in meeting building codes, it is also a great way to optimize space. Some clients want to construct an ensuite for comfortability. Other clients want to install a half-bath to receive company. Clients might even think more about aesthetics in deciding on a full, 3/4th, or a galley bathroom. Remodeling companies have design experts available to advise clients on techniques or materials like grout and caulking. Additionally, you would have access to specialists who are skilled in ventilation standards, tubs, lighting, tiling, plumbing, storage, and eco-friendly toilets and sinks.

There are many benefits of working with remodelers when you want to redo or add a bathroom. Consultants can show you different layouts so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Whether you are designing a DIY project or working with a designer,  there are basic things you want to put some thought into while still in the designing stage as it can be costly after a mistake has been made.

  1. How much space do you have?
  2. How often you will use a tub or shower? If you are selling your home, it might be more beneficial to add a shower to maximize your revenue potential.
  3. Do you want high-efficiency plumbing fixtures? Will this be the main bathroom or a spare?
  4. Do you want to conserve water by choosing sinks or tubs that adhere to the EPA’s water efficiency program? You might want to choose a high-efficiency toilet that passes the maximum performance testing (MaP) score of at least 500.

Having working knowledge of bathroom remodeling can also save you time and money as there are many things to do before starting such a project.

1.    Know your budget and keep it. The size of a bathroom, the type of materials you intend to use, and how much labor you plan to do yourself can all affect the amount you need to set aside. You also should expect and budget for unknown variables like plumbing or electric upgrades you might need.

2.    Know the standard dimensions of tubs and faucets while measuring your bathroom. If you know you do not have room for certain things, it makes the decisions that much more comfortable to decide. There are also standard height measurements that you can look up to use to consider where and how you want to install your fixtures.

3.    If space is tight, consider changing the way you want to install fixtures. To free up an area,bath-172094_1920.jpg you might find putting the cabinet and sink in a corner instead of on a central wall improves the layout of your bathroom immensely.

4.    If your bathroom is small, you might consider a smaller tub like a gilded mini tub, a stainless steel soaking tub, a clawfoot tub, a high gloss tub, or an acrylic slipper tub that will save space and water. You might also choose to exclude it entirely for a shower.

5.    Have you thought about the right vanity? If you do not need a double sink, you might opt for a single one to save room for other amenities or put that extra money back into your budget to splurge on other areas.

When remodeling a bathroom, you have a chance to control costs while also creating a room that accentuates your style. Research can provide many answers while also giving you an idea of the right questions you need to ask if you do decide to hire someone to help with a bathroom remodel project. Do you have any ideas for a bathroom makeover?


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