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Top Five Kitchen Remodeling Trends

  1. Contemporary Kitchen: This 1940s to present European influence is often modern using man-made materials that use asymmetrical and geometric lines. The products andapartment-1256663_640.jpg materials often lack adornment and molding which enhances the simple feel in the kitchen.
  2. Transitional Kitchen: This design mixes a bit of a newer style of a contemporary style combined with an old form of a traditional mode. The materials are a mix of both man-made and natural elements that infuse fabrics, appliances, and finishes. The style is elegant yet simple which blends rounded profiles with lined patterns.
  3. Traditional Kitchen: This design is influenced by 18th, 19th, and 20thcentury European and American styles that span as far back as the Victorian Era all the way up to the American Neoclassical period that infuses high-end products and materials with antique appliances.
  4. Modern Kitchen: This design is specific to the early to a mid-20th century period that incorporates simple, unadorned geometric lines with daring angles. The plan includes current products like custom-made wooden cabinets or granite countertops along with human-made materials like laminate or plastic molding.
  5. Farmhouse Kitchen: This design incorporates natural, man-made materials that can include products made from oak, maple, pine, or cherry hardwood that represents country-kitchen-2244066_1280.jpga modest, family-friendly, country kitchen influence. This dated design may consist of a farmhouse or porcelain sink and art or décor that integrates farm friendly influences meant to counter-balance modern appliances.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling     
  1. Stand Out as a Kitchen Connoisseur
  2. Improve Safety Standards
  3. Enhance User Experience
  4. Increase Kitchen Knowledge
  5. Reduce Household Costs
  6. Less Maintenance
  7. Works with Home Energy Management Systems
  8. Superior Design Technique

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