Apple Finds New Home in Cupertino Campus

On June 7, 2011, Steve Jobs entered the Cupertino City Council to address the councilmembers about his plan to build a futuristic Apple camapple1pus. He was not scheduled to speak, but in a true Steve Jobs fashion, he wandered in and asked for a few minutes of their time to discuss his land proposal. As we now know, it was his last appearance publicly, and he died just a few months later on October 5th which makes the new Apple Inc campus much more special. To him, it was futuristic; a beacon for the possibility of a technological future with Apple leading the charge. Today, it is a realization that represents his legacy as his last large-scale Apple accomplishment before his death. As he told the council members, he believed it would put Apple on the map as being the best office building in the world that was designed to be as futuristic as the products Apple hoped to create. If he could see it today, he would still repeat that sentiment to anyone who asked.

Just down the road from Apple’s Infinite Loop headquarters, the new corporate eco-friendly campus sits on 175 acres, and the 2.8 million square foot building is designed to house 12,000 employees. Designed like a spaceship right out of a Star Trek episode, the four-level structure is extraordinary, and it is every bit as futuristic as Steve Jobs envisioned just six years bapple2efore. Also on site is an Apple visitor center,  a store, a rooftop observation deck, and a café. If you happen to visit the new Apple Park Visitor Center, you will also see the Steve Jobs Theater which consumers might already be familiar as it is where Apple held their past few keynotes and introduced the iPhone 8 and X models.

The 5-billion-dollar building lacks nothing as it has a toroid glassed roof, terrazzo floors, custom-made glass doors, pre-distressed stone, mid-winter harvested wood for paneling, and precision-milled aluminum rails. The rounded roof is scientifically designed to shed rainwater, but who needs it when the trees around the building are drought tolerant! With a 100,000-square-foot fitness center, a stone-covered yoga center, and a 9000-car parking lot, it also promotes a health-conscious attitude. Those extra 3000 employees without parking will either have to ride their bikes, a bus, or carpool which seems to be what Apple envisioned. Apple has an on-site power grid to produce their electricity which will reduce their dependency on the city of Cupertino. The site also has 300,000 square feet of land set aside for research facilities.

What is apparent is that Apple put much thought aesthetically, technologically, and apple3environmentally into this new campus. The building is a beacon for the future of Apple and technology. Consumers will take one look at the new headquarters and envision the same thought process into breakout product production possibilities of the future. Cupertino, California will also attract many fans who will want to get a peak for themselves at just how tech-driven the future with Apple is!

Images 2 and 3: Press Packet Release


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