Democrats need to clean our own homes before telling GOP how to clean theirs!

My mother always told me to clean my own house before telling neighbors how to clean theirs. We Democrats are paying so much attention to our GOP neighbors that we are letting out own home crumble. What do we stand for? We used to stand for something, but with the stolen election, we lost our way! Can we get back on message? Again, I ask you: What do we stand for?

I used to think that being a Democrat was an honor because we stood for equality for all of us. I was born into a single-family home of poverty. But, my mother raised us to value life in that we were responsible for our outcomes. That means never blaming others for our failures. While my mother never graduated college, most of my brothers and sisters did. We made a better life for our kids because of it. We instilled in them the same values as we used to promote in the Democratic Party. My daughter just graduated with two B.A degrees. She made it. So, again, what do we now stand for if not to promote our values as a party? Those values made me proud. Those values made me fight for a better future. The party has lost its way because they are no longer focused on our house because they are paying too much attention to their neighbors.

So, I am using my blog to ask party leaders to once again focus on cleaning our house. What do you, as party leaders, stand for? What are your plans to promoting the foundation that for so long made us great? What do you promote when out on the stumping ground to people who need help but are not getting it? What plans do you think could help the economy in red states even though you personally might not represent them since they vote GOP? Perhaps if you offered them some advice, it might just change to a blue state. What do you say to blue states who might have strong economies but are feeling let down right now with the federal government. No one message will work. Every state has its own burdens and trials. They need to know you are listening.

So, I ask you to stop talking about Trump and start focusing on the future. We all need champions, but few are talking about our futures as they are so stuck in the past. Nothing that has been done can be undone. Let that go.

Here are some things you can do right now to start focusing on the future:

  1. Fix the voting machines to stop any form of hacking. We need to know it works.
  2. Promote a platform focusing on economy, family, and society
  3. Focus on the future instead of the past.
  4. Stop trying to clean the GOP house. Focus on promoting our improved house.
  5. Be creative. Find ways to get your message out.
  6. Be truthful. People need to know you care!
  7. Stop focusing on government. Start focusing on real people with real stories.
  8. Stop letting corporations control your votes. If you have the patronage of the people, you will win the votes.
  9. Be on message at all times by practicing what you preach.
  10. Listen to the people!

Politicians have stopped listening to the people because they believe corporations make for better companions in elections. That is simply not true. Get out there! Knock on doors! Listen to what people have to say because that is the only way you will know how to help them. Care about the people! We have stopped caring about one another, and we are in a state of civil war. It only takes one moment to change the future.  In every situation, I take in the pros and cons before making decisions. You must stop being political and start caring about the people! If they see that you care, it can change everything. If I do not kno



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